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Mostly informal writing on diverse subjects. Tags are very much a work in progress.

  1. On Website Analytics

    • code

    Measuring performance, privacy-focused analytics with Plausible, and contributing to open source

  2. Studying the masters, SVG edition

    • code
    • svg

    Recreating Suprematist Composition (1916) with SVG in HTML

  3. New Site

    • personal

    I redesigned my website

  4. Bach after Martin

    • program note

    Notes on three of Bach's motets

  5. A cantata by any other name doth sound as sweet

    • program note

    Notes on music for double choir with piano by Laurdisen and Dove

  6. Bach and Forth

    • program note

    To accompany a conceptual program around Bach: spiritual and musical successors

  7. Liederabend

    • talk
    • music

    Pre-concert remarks for a studio recital of Lieder

  8. Howells: Requiem

    • program note

    Some notes on Herbert Howells's music and his Canadian connection